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      藥學院莊瑾講壇--Weak inclusion complexes of some drugs by cavitand derivatives

      日期: 2023-12-27 訪問數:

      報告題目:Weak inclusion complexes of some drugs by cavitand derivatives

      報告人:Prof. Sandor Kunsagi-Mate(University of Pecs, Hungary)

      報告時間:2023年 12月29 日 上午10:00-11:00


      邀 請 人:吳云龍 教授

      報告人簡介:Dr. Sandor Kunsagi-Mate holds the Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences title, and is presently full professor in the Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy,University of Pécs, Hungary. In 2013 he launched a series of the biannual international Symposium on Weak Molecular Interactions. His main accomplishments associated to the role of entropy in weak molecular interactions

      and surface chemistry of carbon nanostructures. His recent interests are the weak molecular complexes of drugs and structure of solvation shells of solutes in binary solvents.

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